Triple Zero Call-Taker

Why become a call-taker?

Play a vital role for the community
Imagine a job where your efforts make a difference every day, where you help people and help save lives. You’ll feel a strong sense of purpose and connection to your work and pride in the role that you’re playing in the community.

A job that’s challenging and exciting
Call-taking is far from your typical job. Every day is different, every call is unique. Your performance in the role really matters. The job will take you out of your comfort zone, but you thrive on a challenge, don’t you?

Build your career, fulfil your potential
By joining Triple Zero Victoria as a call-taker we help you take charge of your career and explore opportunities to grow your capability, stretch yourself, and develop your career in emergency communications. After establishing a strong track record of performance as a call-taker, there are exciting pathways available to you, including training to be a dispatcher, leading a team of people, becoming a trainer, or moving into a role in our Support team (e.g. People and Culture, Finance).

Belong to a connected and highly supportive team
Work in an environment where there is genuine care, support and connection between colleagues. United by a common purpose, we support and look out for each other. If you have taken a challenging call or just had a tough day, there’s always someone to talk to, and you’re there for them too. After all, we’re all in this together.

Competitive pay and benefits
Call-taker roles involve high levels of accountability and commitment and we reward our people accordingly, with attractive pay and conditions.

Build your career, fulfill your potential

After establishing a strong track record of performance as a call-taker there are exciting pathways available for you to work towards as we support your career in emergency services.

Dispatchers facilitate the timely and efficient allocation of resources to emergency events using information provided by a call-taker. Applications for a place on the dispatcher training course are advertised internally on a regular basis.

People leaders
People leadership pathways are available to high performing call-takers with a strong desire and capability to move into a leadership role. Triple Zero Victoria is investing heavily in developing the capability of its current and future leaders through delivery of a range of leadership development programs.

Corporate roles
Triple Zero Victoria’s Support Office is critical to providing services and support that enables our call-taking and dispatch operations to operate efficiently and effectively. There may be opportunities for secondments or movement into corporate roles, including roles that supports the technology and/or infrastructure required to help our people and achieve our vision to become a high performing team.

What we’re looking for!

Triple Zero Victoria's call-taker roles are unique, challenging and rewarding but not everyone is suited to the role.  Our call-takers are passionate about their job and are a strong match to the competencies and motivators described in the Applicant Information Kit as these correlate with successful performance in the call-taker role. There aren’t any mandatory qualifications or work backgrounds as a pre-requisite to applying for these roles. If you are a strong match with the profile of a call-taker, you may well be our next team member!

Triple Zero Victoria actively works to encourage a diverse pool of candidates for all our job vacancies. We have successful call-takers from a wide range of occupation backgrounds, life stages and cultural background.

Triple Zero Victoria has several roster options depending upon your location and agency preference. These options allow employees flexibility and balance to meet their individual circumstances and work preferences. These include: full-time rotating roster, full-time set roster and part-time set roster.

Please refer to sample Call-taker roster options available at our State Emergency Communication Centers for more information.

Ready to begin your career in emergency communication services?

To apply for a call-taker position, you will need to ensure you have read and understood the information as outlined in the Applicant Information Kit. Once you are ready to submit your online application, please click ‘Apply Now’.

Please contact us via email at if you have any questions about becoming a call-taker.